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BHiveLab provides technical expertise in a number of areas, such as Custom Web Apps, Enterprise Mobile, Platform Architecture & Integration, Software & Hardware Prototyping, Internet of Things, and Product Lifecycle Management. Here is a small sample of some of the cutting-edge work we've done for our clients.



As a nopCommerce partner and provider, we helped Huffy develop a best-in-class parts ordering site aimed at both consumers and retailers. All technical integration, which includes highly intuitive search functionality that allows users to browse a library of images for their bike preferences versus memorizing lengthy part numbers, was completed by our team of digital product development experts here at BHiveLab.


Sitecore CMS

Standing up most CMS platforms is fairly simple, but making them sing with an award-winning design is another story. If you layer on an admin approach that makes the content manager’s job easier, then you’ve hit the trifecta. Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of CMS platforms. Sitecore CMS was a perfect fit for our ShurTech clients' needs because it provided room for robust backend coding as well as a responsive design framework that displayed beautifully on all devices, making the final solution a surefire winner for this client.


Unity 3D

What better way to tell the STERIS operating room experience on an iPad than to apply game mechanics to tell the story. When most people think of Unity development, they think of game development. BHiveLab thinks of Unity as a tool to solve business problems. STERIS sales reps can navigate through a 3D environment on an iPad, which is not unlike any Xbox gaming experience. If a physical tour isn’t feasible, think of this as the next best thing.

DeVry University

Apple TV & Mobile CMS Platform

To keep high school students engaged and showcase technology as a core strength, we worked with DeVry to reinvent their current high school recruiting presentation. An Apple TV prototype hack ended up being the engine that powered this award-winning idea – a 'multi-content-stream to multi-device' approach that was truly groundbreaking.

“The Owner's Guide to Your Future" presentation is delivered in high schools by a DeVry representative from an iPad utilizing a platform that drives portability across all mobile hardware. A smart Salesforce.com integration shortened lead processing from weeks to hours.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

iPhone App

Inspired by the 'Five-Tool Player' evaluation system used by baseball scouts, the UPMC 5-Tool Trainer is an innovative way for young baseball players to improve and track their performance in five specific areas. The app leverages UPMC expertise to prevent injuries, guide post-injury recovery and analyze stats. This first-of-its-kind, multi-audience app posed a unique UX challenge. Specifically, how can the same app seamlessly support parents, coaches and athletes?

Compact Power


When the leading commercial and light power equipment rental and service company wanted to make an engaging impact at a key tradeshow, we developed an immersive and interactive Google Cardboard VR game.  The game served to educate attendees in a fun and engaging way by allowing each person to “experience” what it is like to drive a skid steer or to lift themselves 40 feet in the air with a boom lift.

Polyconcept (PCNA)


PCNA sells promotional products through a vast distributor network. The customizable store web application allows thousands of distributor account representatives to create, customize and manage their own unique e-commerce storefront experience.

The Andy Warhol Museum

Augmented Reality

Building upon technology from Layar, we worked with The Andy Warhol Museum to focus on points of interest in Andy’s hometown of Pittsburgh, as well as his professional life in New York City. Twenty total 'hidden' layers showcasing the life, work, and death of Andy Warhol can be found by using either an iPhone or Android device. Users are able to view Warhol-related content, driving directions, and other information associated with a specific interest point by horizontally aiming their smart device camera in any direction.

Featured Clients

Quite often, our innovative work gives our clients a competitive advantage. It's no wonder then that we can't share the work publicly. Let us know if anything strikes a chord - all of these clients will be happy to speak on our behalf. And if you're interested in learning more, get in touch to set up an in-person visit – we love connecting with other innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors and top creative technologists like you.


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